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We're Local Award

Local businesses bring vitality to communities

This is an award for local businesses, non-profits or charities that have their headquarters in the local community.

Why is this important? Local businesses and organisations are often the life-blood of local communities. We know the owners by name. They employ our family members. Their children go to the local schools. They want the best for the locality, and we value their presence. 

At Future Friendly, we believe local businesses deserve to be awarded. This is especially true because on average across the UK, only 38% of money spent in any location stays local because businesses are not owned locally.  Over time, the loss of local businesses creates run-down areas. But the more money that stays local, the healthier the community will be.

Of course, it must be stressed that many great businesses which are not owned locally do great things for the local community. Other Future Friendly awards are designed to enable them to show how they contribute and win awards for the benefit they bring to the locality.

The requirement for this award is that the registered office is in the UK and that 50% of the business owners or trustees are located within 2km to receive the gold award, 5km for silver and 10km for bronze.

Sustainable communities need thriving businesses – and sustainable businesses need a thriving community

JOhn Ranford, CEO Future Friendly

Check which businesses are locally owned by visiting our guide and map. Or if you’re a business, get listed today.

What can individuals do?


Nominate a great local business for an award.


Encourage a business to take action to make an impact.


Join our team of volunteers who award businesses taking action 


Do you know a business who could join Future Friendly. Ask them

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