Future Friendly

Unregistered premises

Why are some premises "unregistered"?

To build the People’s Guide to Better Businesses, we want every business – or organisation – to take part. So anyone can invite a business to join and become future friendly.


We’re developing an App that enables the public to ask businesses if they want an invitation, and to take their details. We then send an email invitation. We’ll display these businesses as ‘Invited but not registered’, until they respond. The App is at BETA stage.

Why should a business register for Future Friendly?

The Future Friendly project enables businesses to show to a discerning public that you are a better business – you care about the community and the environment. Customers want to know you are a making positive contribution to society, and they will be more loyal and you’ll attract new customers.  

By being registered with Future Friendly, you’ll have access to a special platform that enables you to win awards for the good you are doing – and it provides a step-by-step approach to making more positive impacts and gaining more awards.  Moreover, you’ll be part of the new movement for a better world – one action at a time. 

What are the benefits of a FREE listing?

When you get listed, you’ll be featured on the website, and be given certificates to display,and can feature the Future Friendly logo on your site. You can add details such as your business description, website, the products you offer, and even list time-limited special offers or events that you want us to highlight. All this adds up to building your reputation as a business, making more impact in your locality, and gaining new, enthusiastic customers.

If your business is 'Unregistered'

A business marked ‘unregistered’ should first check their general email account for the invitation. Then simply click the link to accept and become listed.  If the address is incorrect, simply sign up afresh and ask us to delete the incorrect listing.

I'm a business. Tell me more!

Check our how other businesses are becoming future friendly with our guide and map. Or sign up your business today.

Anyone can take part!


Our App will enable anyone to nominate a  business for an award.


The App will enable anyone to encourage a business to take action.


Join our team of volunteers who verify the actions businesses take. 


Do you know a business who could join Future Friendly. Ask them.

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