Future Friendly

Your App to bring a

beautiful environment vibrant communityresilient economy

to your locality

Help local businesses become future friendly

With Future Friendly you have the small tool that can make a big impact. Let’s give awards to local businesses that are doing great things and encourage more to join in. And as businesses take more actions, we’ll see the change happening.

> Enlist

Your app is an easy way to ask a business to become future friendly. Enlist your employer or school too.

> Nominate

Help great local firms shout about the good they're doing - nominate them for an award.

> Award

Take part in our Awards Panel of volunteers and verify when a business takes a positive action.

> Encourage

The app enables you to encourage businesses to do something they may not have thought of.

What do you want to change?

The Future Friendly App will enable you to express your desire for change. Whatever you long for is – there’ll soon be an award for that.

Concerned about climate?

Ask a business to achieve the “Race to Zero" Award, or the Green Electricity Award. Every year, you'll be able to see progress as they reduce emissions.

Local businesses struggling?

We've devised awards for businesses who are local, and who use local suppliers. The more businesses take part, the more our localities will buzz.

Do you want less packaging?

Our "Low waste award" helps businesses to reduce waste and tackle it at source. Join our Awards Panel and help award responsible businesses.

Our Key Priorities

Businesses can have an impact on the whole of our lives and on the earth that is loaned to us. We’ll be introducing a whole range of awards for small businesses, covering the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’ve adapted them for our awards for businesses. They fall under three headings: The environment and climate, Society and local economy.

A beautiful environment

A beautiful environment

Helping businesses to reduce any harm to nature and our climate. We're helping them to take positive actions to create a greener world

A vibrant community

A vibrant community

Encouraging businesses to take actions that benefit the community locally and globally, one action at a time

A resilient local economy

A resilient local economy

Supporting local businesses that are the core of the community, reclaiming some of the 62% of wealth that is syphoned away from the locality

The Pilots

We’re busy running some pilots with restricted group of businesses to ensure the Awards platform works smoothly and to develop more features.

If you’re running a business, or want to help your employer to take part in a pre-launch version, then get in touch. Take a look at our video for businesses

Become a Volunteer

Watch this space. We’ll be recruiting volunteers through partner charities. If your favourite charity wants to partner with us, get in tocuh