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Net Zero is easier than you think

We hear a lot about 2050 but scientists are telling us that it’s what we do right now, in the next few years, that could determine the future of the planet – and the type of world we will leave to our children.

But if you’re a small business, where do you start? That’s simple. Use a carbon footprint calculator to work out your carbon footprint, and discover where the main problem is.

Then take some actions, so that when you do the same next year, you will have improved.

But what is the 'net' in 'net zero'?

 Well “zero” means “zero”. And “net zero” is when a business hasn’t reduced their emissions to zero, but they find someone else to remove those emissions instead – that is, they pay another organisation to bury the carbon in the ground. 

The “Race to Zero” award Indicates how fast a business travelling towards zero carbon. As a rough indicator, a business achieving gold every year is on track to be zero carbon well before 2030. The bronze award means they will reach zero carbon by around 2040.

Getting to zero carbon involves the removal of all greenhouse gases across the entire value chain of a business, including consumer and disposal emissions. 

Future Friendly also helps businesses avoid greenwashing where “carbon offsetting” schemes don’t actually remove the carbon from the atmosphere. 

While CO2 emissions are mentioned in other Future Friendly Awards, those awards are action-focused. This award is like an umbrella. It looks at the business’s overall estimated carbon footprint measured in tonnes of CO2 – and focuses on reducing them year by year.

“We need a green planet but the world is on red alert. We are at the verge of the abyss. We must make sure the next step is in the right direction. First by building a global coalition for net zero emissions by 2050 in every country, every region, every city, every company, and every industry.”

António Guterres, UN Secretary-General

I'm a business. How can I move to Net Zero?

Check our how businesses are moving to Net Zero with our guide and map. If you’re a business, join and get listed.

Individuals can act on Net Zero


Nominate a great local business for the Net Zero award.


Encourage a business to take action to meet Net Zero.


Join our team of volunteers who award businesses taking action 


Do you know a business who could join Future Friendly. Ask them

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