Future Friendly

Our Place Award

Businesses can be beautiful

An organisation can have a physical presence which impacts the society and environment around. A delightful High Street will comprise of many businesses, each contributing to the shared space, making it an experience that enhances our sense of community.

This award is for the any public facing or accessible or visible presence of an organisation.

It does not include internal decoration or facilities but does include:

  • addition of new improvements
  • maintenance
  • refurbishment

Points are awarded according to:

  • level of impact (minor, medium, major) that any action has on the public space
  • proportion to the whole potential impact of the public-facing part of the business
  • comparison to other businesses nearby

I'm a business. How do I win this award?

Check the businesses that are making our localities bright and beautiful with our guide and map. Or if you are a business, sign up and join them today.

How can individuals help?


Nominate a great local business for an award.


Encourage a business to take action to make an impact.


Join our team of volunteers who award businesses taking action 


Do you know a business who could join Future Friendly. Ask them

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