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Low Waste Award

Get smart in the "War on Waste"

Waste is all around us, and the thought of tackling it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

That’s why Future Friendly breaks down the process into simpler, actionable steps so that a business can take it at a manageable pace. Moreover, once staff get engaged, they’ll come up with clever ideas to save not only waste, but costs too.

The Future Friendly approach is in four parts: 

  1. Plan

  2. Prevent
    Prevent waste when you buy, make, sell and administer in your business (eg raw materials, plastic, paper, food)

  3. Re-use, refurbish and re-make
    Operate systems to re-use, refurbish and re-manufacture products that you use or make in your business

  4. Recycle in UK
    Sort waste from your business for recycling in the UK

Creating the Circular Economy is the only fully sustainable way to live on the planet. This is where all materials involved in products or services are returned to their original state. An Award for this will be a introduced in due course.

If you are a Plastic Free Champion, you can gain points towards this award.

Note: The waste from products or services that are sold at a retailer are dealt with in other Future Friendly Awards.

The definition of waste*:

Waste is used here to mean all materials generated as by-products of production and other operational activities which the organisation manages to contain on the site, and which require treatment, repurposing, or disposal. This includes both hazardous and non-hazardous manufacturing materials, as well as non-production waste (e.g. office paper, food, retired equipment

*Ellen MacArthur Foundation

I'm a business. How do I win this award?

Check out other businesses that are fighting waste with our guide and map. Or if you are a business, get listed and join them.

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