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Local Suppliers Award

Bring vitality to the local economy

The aim of the Local Suppliers Award is to retain the wealth produced in the local economy, strengthening the community by supporting other local businesses.

In this Award, we divide suppliers into those that are producers, and those that are agents or wholesalers. These are our definitions:

 % of cost that remains local
A Local Supplier50% or more
A local Agentless than 50%

How do we score the award?

Points are awarded to a business for the following:

“Every time you spend a pound locally, 62p disappears from the local community. Economists call it capital flight. I call it financial rape.”

John Ranford, CEO, Future Friendly

I'm a business. How do I win this award?

Check out local businesses which are enhancing the local economy by looking for this icon on our guide and map. Or if you are a business, get listed and support your locality.

Volunteer as an individual


Nominate a great local business for an award.


Encourage a business to take action to make a strong local economy.


Join our team of volunteers who award businesses taking action 


Do you know a business who could join Future Friendly. Ask them

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