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If you’re a in small or medium-sized business of up to 50 employees and want to start the journey to making an impact for good, then join our test group of small businesses.

Future Friendly Awards is a social startup with huge ambitions. The Future Friendly badge will show the public that you’re working for a better world. With over 5 million small businesses in the UK that struggle to know where to start on the road to sustainability, we’ve devised awards to motivate and enable them towards greater things.

If you’re thinking your business needs to be more future friendly and you want to tell your locality about the good you are doing, join our pre-pilot. To help us test the new Future Friendly Business Platform, email info@futurefriendly.org.uk – or click join. We’re happy is you just tinker with it or get really stuck in. Every click helps.

Small Business?

We're looking for businesses with between 1 and 50 employees

Keen to go green?

Are you an employer or employee able to nudge your business to do good?

Power to your fingers

Do you want to gather information and use a powerful tool to make a social impact?

Learn sustainability

Using the platform is a great way of gaining expertise in all things green

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By joining to pre-pilot test, you'll get free use of the platform when launched.

Little acorns

By taking part, you're helping a start-up to develop into something game-changing

Take a look at the Future Friendly website here

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Join our pilot. It’s free, with no commitment. Just sign up and try it. You’ll discover how small actions can mate a big difference – to your company, your staff, your community and to the environment. And you win awards too.