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Are you involved in a small business and want to help it become more future friendly?

If your work or lead a small business with between 1 and 50 employees, you can be the first to use the exciting new Future Friendly tool. We’re a social start-up and we’re creating a guide to better businesses – those who want to act to benefit the society and environment. How? We’ll give them awards.

Before launching we need users like you to give feedback on this revolutionary tool. You’ll be one of the first to use the new Future Friendly Business Dashboard. You could have a huge impact because, with your feedback we’ll refine the tool that can be used by 5 million small businesses country-wide – each one bringing changes to their communities and the environment.

Future Friendly Awards is a game-changing start-up. You can help by signing up today.

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Gathering info for the Dashboard can help your business become future friendly

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Future Friendly will be a gamechanger. Be among the first, and make a huge impact

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