Future Friendly

Green Electricity Award

The quickest way to reduce carbon

Just think – if every small and medium sized company switched to a renewables supplier, the carbon emissions from businesses in the UK would drop by 42%.

You can picture a tonne of CO2 if you think of a hot air balloon. Even the smallest businesses could be saving several tonnes by switching supplier. 

Future Friendly allocates a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating depending on how sure you can be that the electricity put into the grid on your behalf is truly renewable.

How do we score the award?

If a company sells only renewables and owns the solar farms or wind turbines that generates the renewable electricity – or has an exclusive contract with companies that do, they get a gold.

A silver award goes to any company that sells exclusively renewable electricity – but doesn’t own all its own equipment. Instead it buys from other companies, or buys certificates called REGO certificates. These can enable the company to buy electricity produced by fossil fuels, while paying for a certificate to show that the same amount of renewable electricity was generated elsewhere. Many experts have criticisms of REGO certificates.

Lastly a bronze goes to companies that sells renewable tariffs, but also sells non-renewable tariffs.

“A renewable future will be full of benefits. Energy everywhere will be more affordable. Our cities will be cleaner and quieter. And renewable energy will never run out.”

David Attenborough

I'm a business. How do I win this award?

Check our how other businesses are switching to renewables with our guide and map. Or sign up your business.

Volunteer as an individual


Nominate a great local business for an award.


Encourage a business to take action to make an impact.


Join our team of volunteers who award businesses taking action 


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