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Future Friendly

Local businesses can help make the community a great place to live. We enable businesses to take the small actions can make a bid difference.

Rewarding businesses

Great businesses deserve awards. Our awards cover those things that really matter to us in our localities. This is how it works: Do good. Feel good. Gain awards.

The awards

There are awards for reducing plastic waste, for taking low carbon actions such as using renewable electricity or for keeping trade local. And many more.

The Guide

The public are increasing wanting businesses to be future friendly. We’re enabling businesses to win awards and showcase them in our new guide. The public can search and see the businesses that are truly the best –  for the community, for nature, for the climate and for our children. Check it out – and if you’re working for a business, watch the video clip.

Business Video

Our vision

Local businesses can help make the community a great place to live and to be future friendly. 

Beautiful environment

We'll bring back beauty by tackling waste, refurbishing products and smartening up the high street

Protected climate

By measuring carbon footprints year by year our favourite business can help us achieve carbon zero

Vibrant community

Future Friendly is a tool to bring businesses closer to the community, and be mindful of it's needs for a safe place that benefits all

Resilient local economy

With 62% of money spent locally being syphoned away, we'll refocus business on local trade, local jobs and local wealth

Win awards. Get noticed

The Guide

We're building a guide to better businesses - where the public can find businesses committed to becoming future friendly

Business Dashboard

A free dashboard for businesses to discover the easiest ways to make an impact, one step at a time. Simply enter your evidence to gain awards.

Are you a business?

Well you can join our Pilot. Get ahead and lead the way by joining our pilot. Simply register for a free access to the special business platform.